Sheep love music too...

Sheep love music too...

You gotta take those ups with the downs. We've been busy in and around Forster with an event, playing to the locals (and not of the two-legged kind), and getting through a few car troubles...but we've still got smiles on our faces.

We're on the road

So we did it! We've moved out of our house made of bricks and into our little pop-top van, Mindy. And we've just completed our first week in our cosy and small home on wheels without minimal problems. Yes, of course we've had a few minor hiccups, but that's what makes this adventure so fun, right!? Here's a little summary of what we got up to on our first week in Mindy. 

Music: Anahata by Soulful Soundwaves and available to download here

Tune your Chakras: A beautiful collaboration with Sarah Truman from Wild Child & Co using music and restorative yoga to cleanse and tune each of the seven chakras.