Can this music sort my existing medical condition?

Soulful Soundwaves does not provide medical advice and if you have a pre-existing condition you should consult a doctor.  Our music may be able to help alongside your current treatment plan prescribed by your doctor.

Is there anyone that shouldn't listen to your tracks? 

Please do not listen to our music tracks while operating machinery, dangerous equipment, performing hazardous activities or driving. People with epilepsy should contact their medical practitioners if they wish to use the frequencies.

Do I have to use headphones?

It is important to use headphones when listening to our binaural beats tracks as each track has been composed to ensure your right and left ear receive a difference frequency. The better quality headphones you use the better quality the result you will experience. We do not advise using cheap earphones. 

What’s the perfect volume to listen to the music?

It depends on the track you are using. It’s advisable to use a volume that is comfortable and relaxing (e.g background music volume) for the tracks used for relaxing, meditation, sleeping, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. The tracks used for boosting purposes (focus or motivation) can be used at your preferred volume. 

How long should I listen to your tracks to get the best results?

We advise you listen to our binaural beat music for a minimum of 15-20 minutes at any one time. 

Does it work immediately?

You may begin to notice benefits immediately; however in order to get longer lasting and more noticeable effects, it is advisable to use the tracks daily for a few weeks. To ensure these benefits remain, we advise listening to our music regularly.

What happens if I forget to listen to your tracks regularly?

Don’t worry. You still benefit from listening to our tracks every time you use them.

What side effects may I experience using your music?

The side effects you might experience are all positive. However, brain waves work slightly differently depending on the person who is using them. If you feel uncomfortable just reduce the volume, as in rare cases the brain takes a bit of time to align with the frequencies. If you experience any mental discomfort, please stop listening immediately and seek advice from your doctor.

Can children listen to your music?

Yes, we also have a number of tracks specifically designed for children. It is not necessary to use headphones for our music tracks designed for children as all tracks are also available in monaural - specifically for speakers. A low volume is advised when playing music to young children. 

Do I have to meditate to your music to experience benefits?

Meditation is just a word to describe a concentration and breathing exercise. It’s not necessary to meditate while listening to our tracks, however it is advisable to listen to them in a relaxing environment where you cannot be interrupted. A comfortable position is recommended, but which one, is completely up to you.

Can I listen to your music while pregnant?

Yes. We also have a section dedicated to pregnant mothers and expecting parents. 

How do I download your music tracks?

Shortly after you pay and purchase for your chosen tracks, you will be sent an email with a link to download your music. As we have zipped two tracks together so you get a monaural (for speakers) and binaural version (for headphones) of each track, you have to download your music onto your desktop or laptop. From here, you can choose to play your music immediately or add the tracks to your preferred music player (iTunes, Google Play etc). You can then simply plug your smart phone into your computer and sync your phone so the music appears on your phone. We've put a little how-to document together if you're having trouble. You can download this help document here. 

Why is your music not available on iTunes?

We understand that having our music available to buy and download on iTunes would be much easier, but there is a reason as to why we don't have our music on there. iTunes and any other streaming music platform unfortunately compresses the music so it is easily played on mobile devices. As we have healing frequencies embedded in each of our tracks, by compressing the music it unfortunately reduces the benefits associated with listening to these healing frequencies. We want to ensure the music you buy is the best possible quality and the most beneficial. 

Have you got another question you’d like answered?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on and we’ll get back to you. We’ll also continue to update and share new questions on this page.