Getting the most out of your music

Entraining the brain is a gradual process. Shifting from one type of brainwave to a consecutive one requires approximately 20 minutes. That means that in this time we can expect our brain to go, for example, from beta waves (active and alert) to alpha (consciously relaxed) but not from beta straight to delta (deeply asleep). In order to reach a delta state we have to allow our brain to have enough time to gradually make the transition through alpha, theta and then finally to delta. Naturally, the more regular your practice is the faster and more effective this process is going to be. 

How to listen to RELAXATION/SLEEP tracks

It’s really easy and in a little while we might find it rewarding as we literally give our brain a daily micro vacation. By calming the mind, we enhance the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, gaining clarity, calmness, focus and reducing anxiety, stress and worry.

All it takes is to:

  • Choose a comfortable environment where you are not going to be interrupted.
  • Find a position allowing your muscles (all your muscles, including neck, shoulders, arms and back) to release any tension and relax. It can be lying on a mat, a sofa, or sitting in a comfortable position.
  • For best results, listen to the binaural beats version through headphones or earphones. The better the quality the more effective your session is going to be.
  • Set a comfortable volume for your ears (e.g. background music volume).
  • Start listening to the music, and pay attention to your breath. Try to inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth, and just observe it. Many thoughts are going to pop into your head, just let them go and come back to your breath.
  •  If you would like a longer session, use two or more tracks in a row. It is advisable for best results to listen first to a track with higher brainwave entrainment followed by tracks with a lower one. In this way our brain is going to easily adapt and gradually relax.

How to listen to FOCUS tracks

Set a comfortable volume for your ears (e.g. background music volume). Only remember to use headphones for best results. The better quality headphones, the better quality results you will notice.

How to listen to PREGNANCY/NEW MUM tracks

These tracks are designed and composed to fully enjoy bonding with your child, to stay present and avoid distractions while feeding your newborn.

How to listen to CHILDREN/NEW BORN tracks

These tracks have been composed using monaural beats to allow you to play this track to your child through speakers. Select the volume appropriately for the purpose intended - e.g nice and soft if you are playing one of our relaxation tracks or a little louder if you are playing one of our focus or motivation tracks.