Energy is everywhere. It is life. It is you. It is me. Simply put, energy keeps us alive.

Energy healing has been used for centuries by many cultures since the start of time. Although not always accepted as a healing modality in the Western world, healing through universal energy is an ancient, powerful and highly effective way of healing. Not only can it heal within the very first session, it unlocks the body’s ability to heal itself.

There are many forms and modalities of energy healing, however here at Soulful Soundwaves we’re guided through the energetic body intuitively and therefore call ourselves intuitive healers. Intuitive healing simply works to connect and heal mind, body and spirit - all of which are needed for an optimal healthy and happy life.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla
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Meet Maeve.

Soulful Soundwaves’ co-founder and intuitive healer

Maeve has always known she was here to help others, for as long as she can ever remember. However, she just didn’t know how. That all changed in June 2018 when Maeve was attuned by a profound energy healer while travelling the coast of Australia, who instantly recognised Maeve’s healing potential.

Through six weeks of one-to-one training, Maeve was extremely fortunate to be taught how to navigate this new world of energy to help and heal others - and so her purpose for this lifetime was felt and found.

Having now performed many profound healings, including group and private sessions both near and afar, Maeve’s purpose is to help intuitively guide others on how they can unlock their innate ability to heal themselves and live a happier and healthier life.

“Everyone on this planet has the potential to heal themselves. We simply need to take the appropriate steps in the right direction before our true potential is realised or activated. I am here to help show you the way, in a way that resonates with you and in a way your mind, body and spirit will respond to.”
— Maeve Belshaw

Intuitive healing services provided which can be done in person, or by distance (via phone, Skype or Zoom)



Interested to know more about the energy centres within the body and how your chakras are functioning? During this 30 minute session we will determine the health of your chakras, whether they are open or closed and discuss next steps on the direction you can take to cleanse your chakras to restore health and vitality.

Intuitive Healing

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During this 90 minute session, we will discuss the chakras and check the functioning of each of your energy centres. Most importantly, we will remove any blockages within your subtle energetic body to stimulate your body’s ability to heal and restore the natural flow of energy throughout your entire being. After this session you will feel deeply relaxed.


Soulful guidance


Simply looking to chat a few things over with someone in confidence? During this session we will discuss what’s going on with you on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Intuitive guidance will be offered to help you towards your next steps on your self-healing journey. We will also relax the mind and body in a personal intuitive guided meditation.

How does intuitive healing work?

Working with the body’s energetic field and energy centres, called chakras, stagnant energy and energetic blockages/abnormalities are identified and cleared from the body in a non-invasive and non-touch technique. Once blockages have been removed, energy (prana) is channeled into the body to ensure the vital energy source is restored and flowing freely.

What creates energetic blockages in the body and how do you know if I have any?

As we go through life, we are often challenged emotionally. Some of the emotions we can experience include grief, fear, sadness, guilt, anger, disappointment, embarrassment, (just to name a few). If we suppress these negative emotions, as a consequence of our natural survival instinct, these emotions cause blockages within our subtle (energetic) body. Due to a compromised and lack of flow in our energy system, we start to develop tension and ailments on a physical level. Clear symptoms and signs of an energetic imbalance include tiredness, stress, anxiety, headaches, allergies, skin irritation, illness, disease etc.

How do I know if it will work for me?

For a session to be as effective as possible, an open mind attitude is necessary. One thing that may be hard to grasp is actually what is happening during an intuitive healing session as it is something we can’t physically see. However, it is for most, something we can feel. Some of the sensations experienced include warmth over a particular area, tingling, weight being lifted, energy surge, deep relaxation etc.

Here’s what people are saying about Maeve’s intuitive healing capabilities:

“I was lucky enough to experience energy healing from Maeve’s healing hands. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I know I needed something. My head was tense and I’d had a low grade headache for weeks. My chest felt tight with emotional congestion and outside of work I felt like I wasn’t thinking clearly. A combination or work and life pressures and the adrenaline filled busyness of the day to day had lead me to this point and I needed a release. So I laid back and Maeve worked her magic. I’m not sure how much time passed I was in another place free of thoughts and feelings somehow suspended between asleep and awake. Bathed in beautiful music and aware of energetic sensations here and there through my body. At the end I came to with a slow rousing and a feeling of having had the best most refreshing rest ever. My headache was gone and that weight of emotion in my chest had lifted and so I could breathe deeper. That evening a stressful conversation wasn’t so. I was able to hold on to my new found peace and composure within and deal with the interaction with careful thought and consideration before I spoke. I felt more like me again only a better version and the rested composed me that had disappeared some weeks before. Thanks Maeve for sharing your gift.”
— Dr Sne. GP, Women's Health Specialist & Conjoint Lecturer UNSW
“Maeve truly has a wonderful gift that is hard to explain but incredibly humbling and profound with unbelievable results. You just need an open mind!
I had been sick for a few months, feeling lethargic, body aching and just not my general, energetic self! Ever since my energy healing session with Maeve, I feel like a weight was lifted instantly, I’m sleeping much better and waking up before my alarm, I have a new glow that people keep commenting on and in general, I feel bloody fantastic!
THANK YOU Magic Maeve! I want everyone to benefit from this unique healing experience and for that reason, I have already recommended Maeve to lots of my family and friends!”
— Jen McCrea. Community Engagement & Wellbeing Manager, Notre Dame University
“I spoke with Maeve when I was struggling physically and sometimes mentally with patella tendinopathy and patellar pain syndrome. After numerous appointments with physios and massage therapists and following all of their advice and instructions, I felt like I wasn’t moving forward with healing. During my intuitive healing session with Maeve, she opened my chakras and provided great resonating advice to help me change my mindset going forward. Instantly after the session, I felt lighter and freer than I had in months. Everything felt so vibrant and clear. I would highly recommend a session with Maeve.”
— Claire Arthur. Ski Instructor
“I’ve been involved in nutrition and herbal medicine for 25 years with much success. I’m 70 years old and in great physical shape.
Maeve introduced me to a different type of healing, that I’d heard of but knew little of. After three sessions, I can say without a word of doubt i’ve never felt better. It’s like i’ve had a great weight lifted off my shoulders. Instead of a frown, I have a smile on my face. “
— Richard Hughes. Retired Naturopath