How to open (unblock) your chakras

When we start getting curious about how our body works from an energetic point of view we are constantly searching for tips to understand this new, incredibly interesting realm.

One of the first things we discover is that our energy system runs through key points, called chakras in the eastern tradition, which are main energetic junctions connected to various physiological and neurological points in our body.

The most common thing to do is using the web to gather information, but the down side of it is the overwhelming number of misleading articles talking about “instantaneous and 100% guaranteed” ways to open this or that chakra. We remember reading an article once claiming we can open our third eye by crossing our eyes as if we were looking at an imaginary point in the middle of our forehead. As if!

We think it’s important to shed some light on this basic concept in order to make life a little less difficult for people out there looking for directions.

The simple truth is that our physical and energetic body are strictly related. They are two sides of the same entity. Your energy cannot flow freely through your chakras if your body has physical or emotional blockages.

Release physical blockages

The main cause of physical blockages is intoxication. It can be mild or severe, and it comes from what we feed ourselves and come in contact with. Chemicals are one of the main problems nowadays, as we eat, drink, wear, and use products containing chemicals on a daily basis. Think about preservatives and flavour additives in the food and drinks, clothes made or treated with chemicals, beauty products, deodorants, toothpaste, and the list goes on.

If our body is under stress as a consequence of intoxication the chakras responsible for that part of the body start closing up, our energy cannot flow properly anymore, and our whole system gets crippled. That’s why following a healthy regime is a mindful thing to do, as we are taking care of our physical and energetic body at the same time. Being conscious and mindful of the produce and products you buy when you go shopping is a very simple principle that can bring a ripple effect of energy, health, focus and stamina.

Release emotional blockages

It is very unusual to grow up developing a sense of how important mental health is. It’s even more infrequent, almost non-existent in western culture, to come across the relationship between mental issues and physical consequences. When we hear about it we are most likely sitting on a shrink’s chair asking ourselves how did we finish there.

To make it clearer we are gonna call it “mental fitness”.

How many times a week do you take care of your physical fitness? What about your mental fitness?

It has nothing to do with crunching numbers or remembering the details of a picture. Quite the opposite, taking care of your mind is about giving it a break, slowing down that unstoppable chit-chat in the back of our mind, allowing it to reboot and refresh. Sure, we already do that when we are asleep. But that kind of reboot is not enough to cope with a constantly busy, stressful life regime. So what we need is regular practice to keep our mind in shape. Anxiety and stress, especially when accumulated and not dealt with, create an underlying and always present state of discomfort that has massive physical consequences as well. The first thing to get out of whack is our energy system. Fear closes our chakras in a blink of an eye.

Meditation, mindfulness, binaural beats music, are just a few examples of active and passive practices to help us get rid of all our unwanted baggage. Putting it into an effective image, these practices allow us to take the trash out.

So ultimately opening our chakras is a result of taking care of our body and our mind. Not just once or twice, but constantly. In order to make the effects long lasting you need to take care of the source of the problem, or your body or/and your mind will keep on suffering. Good news is, if you get into it it’s gonna become a lifestyle, and when it happens it’s going to be as easy as a stroll in the park and something you look forward to.

If you are reading this article chances are you are feeling like there is an answer for you out there. Don’t miss the opportunity to become your better self.