The Mindy Movement: How everything started

It was a lovely early spring evening in Sydney and we were having dinner whilst having a chat about ways to improve our business.

Back when we started Soulful Soundwaves, we made a rule to separate business and private life. We needed to ensure we had time and space to be the husband and wife we had been before our business started. However, it soon become clear that the thin red line between the two was really volatile.  Soulful Soundwaves was us and we were Soulful Soundwaves.

The topic of conversation that night over dinner was how we could continue to help as many people as possible with our music, reaching out to everyone in need of a way to ease stress, tension and anxiety while also enjoying a life we want to live. With the pressures of Sydney life including expensive rent and bills to pay, there had to be an easier alternative. 
Out of the blue it came to us.  “Why don’t we buy a second hand caravan and get on the road to bring our sessions around Australia, making it even more accessible to the public? Whether it's an initial tour or eventually a new way of life, why don’t we give it a shot? We don't have to worry about rent, we can have a sustainable energy source with solar panels and we can work aligned to our purpose full-time." Our reaction was instantaneous, “Let’s do it”.

And here she is. A 15ft 1993 pop up caravan

And here she is. A 15ft 1993 pop up caravan

Before the renovations

Before the renovations

Turning our little dream into reality was definitely not easy. It challenged us in more ways than we could possibly begin to explain. And it was definitely more times than twice when we asked ourselves “are we absolutely crazy?” 


We faced roadblocks, frustrations, difficult financial decisions and exhaustion, but there was nothing going to stop us from chasing our dream. It was as easy as simply reminding ourselves of our 'why'. Why we do what we do, why we started Soulful Soundwaves, and why we are still up at 3am working out a plan to get our business on the road? That 'why' (making a difference in peoples lives through music) has fuelled Soulful Soundwaves since its inception and gave us the motivation to keep going.

The following three months were absolutely hectic, as if a preparation fever had infected us. Every spare minute counted, and when we were not working in our part time day jobs we were busy planning our first ever Soulful Soundwaves tour. 


Countless emails and phone calls we made, while we also transformed ourselves into carpenters and painters in the attempt to make a 15ft caravan into a comfortable living and working space for two very tall humans. Days turned into nights and weeks turned into months, but our burning desire to make it happen continued.


The result: a mobile music machine appropriately named Mindy bringing mindful music and the benefits of meditation to communities across Australia.

Our Bondi to Byron tour was launched. We would be making our way from Sydney to northern NSW making as many stops as we could for events in yoga studios and solar-powered pop-up music relaxation sessions along the way. 

The Mindy Movement (#themindymovement) was officially born and here's where you can find us while we take these mindful steed on the road.

The Mindy Movement.jpg

And a caravan conversion wouldn't be complete without a little video of how we made Mindy home:

~Music by Soulful Soundwaves ~

Special note: A HUGE thank you to the best neighbours anyone could ever ask for. Sean, Zoe and little Juno, your support, advice, sewing skills, tools and cuddles helped make Mindy what she has become. 

Be sure to follow us socially to hear about all we get up to. You too can be part of this musical mindful journey.