The Mindy Movement: Ellenborough Falls

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein
Ellensborough Falls

Stood at the base of the spectacular Ellenborough Falls, located on the Bulga Plateau at Elands in Mid North Coast NSW, you can't help but look in complete admiration.

Watching, wondering and learning, the water that fell and flowed gracefully down the rock's surface gently reminded us of what's important.   

Every single drop in a waterfall follows a different path. Some move really fast and fall from one rock to another in long jumps. Others take it a little easier and follow the shape of the rocks rippling down gently, and indulging here and there in small, improvised puddles for a moment before they keep going. 

It doesn’t really matter which path the single drop is following or what kind of race they might be in, the most important thing is where the water is going. 

There are no winners or losers, that is only a distorted perception, a simplistic view of someone unable to see the big picture. 

What remains over the years is the work that all these drops did together, day after day. A true, long lasting monument to the power of nature.

Ellenborough Falls