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Stairway to Helen

  • Fertile Ground Health Group Suite 3 Level 6, 372-376 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia (map)

Site specific urban resonance project. Join us to balance your brain, nourish your body, & release your voice.

Welcome to this KoOk of a creation.


If you crave an injection of creativity, coupled with the benefits of brain balance and nervous system nourishment, this stairwell is the microphone of your dreams.


Carly Woods, of Breath Reset, and Maeve & Lorenzo Colombo of Soulful Soundwaves are coming together to bring you a site specific sound bath like no other.


We use the shapes of urban landscapes to magnify the resonance of your sound bathing experience. 


THIS time, we are in a 6 story high stairwell. The audio experience in there is indescribably angelic.


We are coming together to spiral a vortex of sound up into the atmosphere.

Join us to co-create your beautiful soundscape, gently vocalising in flow with everyone surrounding you, letting your brain fall to stillness and your heartbeat melt into synchrony.


*No singing experience required. All streams of consciousness and style of vocal creativity welcome




This workshop is about exploring our combined vocal creativity, as one sound creating organism.


Composer, Lorenzo Colombo, will be playing binaural beats and live music to form the vocal canvas on which we will all paint.


This workshop is designed to help to integrate your brain and body, as well as teach you the valuable foundations of Buteyko breathing to enhance your everyday health.


This workshop is about creativity, yes, however side effects may include:

  • smoother digestion

  • enhanced sleep

  • clearer airways

  • restfulness, calmness, a more balanced nervous system  

During this workshop we hope to inspire you to:

  • Share your sound in urban landscapes 

  • Integrate 'play' into your everyday

  • Use Binaural and Buteyko therapy into your life for enhanced sleep, digestive, respiratory, and mental health balance.

In this session we will be meeting at Fertile Ground Health Group - located on the 6th floor. We then move to the stairwell where you will be guided in soundscape creation.


Afterwards we will gather at Fertile Ground Health Group on the 6th floor to share tea, snacks, and authenticity.

Resonating on a deep healing level, this Binaural-Buteyko-Vocal blend will meld your breath, body and brain into an integrated, relaxed, well-functioning state. Come and get creative with us whilst accessing the wide reaching health benefits of this powerful therapeutic blend.




We love creating beautiful, healing, restorative spaces for you in our sessions, AND WE ALSO love helping you to create this space for yourself at home - that's why we're including this special bonus for you ❤️

  1. Your audio recording of the entire workshop including the intro guide to foundational Buteyko breathing techniques for enhanced health. Continue your sound and breath practice at home.

Earlier Event: May 18
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