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Soothe Your Soul: Live Music Sound Soak

  • Melting Pot Loft Yoga. 15 Orlando Street Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450 Australia (map)
Melting Pot Loft Yoga.

Calm and balance the mind with a unique and nurturing sound soak.

~ Relieve stress & tension
~ Calm a busy mind
~ Enhance mental performance
~ Improve sleep quality

Join Soulful Soundwaves on Saturday 9 June for a nurturing hour of mindful music, pure bliss and deep relaxation.

Lie back and let your body be bathed in live healing music and your mind cuddled and entrained through a unique binaural beats sound experience.

During this 60 minutes class, your mind and body will be guided to a peaceful and meditative state through the use of music. The binaural beats embedded within the music will entrain your mind into a relaxing brainwave state and the music and live saxophone will gently quieten the busy mind and take you on an enjoyable and easy path towards stillness.

Allow yourself the pleasure to completely switch off and soak up the goodness of a live music sound soak...all in the healing tuning of 432hz.

There is no movement required during this session and all ages very welcome.

A special hour all to yourself and relaxing Saturday afternoon awaits.

Melting Pot Yoga Friends: $25 (simply add ‘meltingpotfamily’ as discount code when selecting tickets)

General admission: $30


A little more about Soulful Soundwaves:

Soulful Soundwaves is a company dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life and provide relief from major problems such as stress and anxiety through the use of music. Using an incredible blend of composed and live music incorporating binaural beats to synchronise the brain into a particular brain wave state and a healing tuning, Soulful Soundwaves creates powerful sessions appealing to meditators as well as non-meditators. No active effort is required to reach a state of peacefulness – their music naturally takes you there.