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Clear your Stress & Anxiety

  • Illuminate Yoga Studio 59 Mollison Street Kyneton, VIC, 3444 Australia (map)
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Do you experience stress and anxiety? Racing mind, sleeplessness, shallow breathing, muscle tension, overwhelm, isolation?

We get it.

We know it because we've been there.

We've found ways out, and we want to share them with you.

Join us to clear those sensations and thoughts from your body and mind and return to a state of rest, repair and stillness.

Carly Woods, of Breath Reset, and Maeve & Lorenzo Colombo of Soulful Soundwaves, are joining restorative forces to bring you a 2 hour sensory soak and workshop with unique take-home techniques to calm your senses.

Immerse yourself in balancing Binaural beats, live music meditation and guided Buteyko lung yoga to clear your stress and anxiety.



This workshop will teach you valuable Buteyko breath techniques to help you regain physical control over anxiety within minutes. At the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

Stop a panic attack in minutes with the Panic Relief Sequence

Balance your nervous system and manage anxiety with Reduced Breathing

Switch your body into rest and repair state for better sleep, digestion and mental health

Apply Binaural and Buteyko therapy into your daily life and why and how these therapies work.

In this session you will be guided in a restorative practice of the techniques as you are bathed in a calming and brain-balancing Binaural cocoon, followed by a live music meditation session.

This Binaural Buteyko blend will meld your breath, body and brain into a fully integrated, relaxed, well-functioning state. Learn to take control of your stress and anxiety with this powerful therapeutic blend of breath and music.

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We love creating beautiful, healing, restorative spaces for you in our sessions, AND WE ALSO love helping you to create this space for yourself at home - that's why we're including these special bonuses for you ❤️

> Your Buteyko Stress and Anxiety film mini series with Carly.

> Your Enhancement PDFs for 'quick reference' of anxiety clearing techniques.

> Your Stress & Anxiety Specific Binaural Beats online access, crafted by Maeve & Lorenzo


“That was an amazing experience. The music completely captured my busy mind and brought me to a very peaceful place" Anonymous, Commbank

‘These exercises brought a whole new awareness to my breathing and made me realise how much I shallow breathed during the day...continuing with these exercises I feel will be life changing for me and my anxiety levels, loved it!' Dani - PT & Kinesiologist

'You are lucky to be taught by Carly and experience her uplifting energy, empathy and passion for Buteyko breathing.' Mim Beim - Naturopath & Buteyko Breathing Educator

'I arrived feeling anxious and left feeling calmer and clearer. Also, my nose unblocked!' Heather - Naturopath

“Absolutely loved, loved, loved this incredible musical retreat.” Jo

'Carly shares her knowledge generously, clearly, honestly and precisely. And it’s all woven in her own fun quirky style. Carly is a gem and I would recommend her for assisting your journey, from children to elders alike.' Mel - Business owner

“The tones and sounds are very peaceful and work amazingly well to get you into a great meditative state" Anonymous


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Earlier Event: April 5
Clear your Stress & Anxiety