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Online event: Lunar Sound Experience

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**50% of all profits will be donated to charity to help those affected by the recent bombings in Sri Lanka**

A beautiful new moon with her transformative energy will be gracing our skies on Sunday 5 May 2019.

We’re super excited to be hosting our bespoke lunar sound experience online for the very first time. You can now join us for a unique new moon cleanse from the comfort of your very own home!

During this session we will be utilising the powerful and healing blend of frequencies, energy and vibration to gently guide you through the new moon and shift in perspective.

Delicately guided and supported by our purposely-composed lunar soundscape, you will drift into a deep and supportive state of calm. And while you rest in stillness, the healing frequencies and vibrations will help cleanse and clear any stress, tension and blockages within your physical and energetic body.

The new moon is a wonderful time to set new intentions, plant new seeds/ideas and start afresh (leaving the past behind). It’s a time to surrender into our inner most being to feel into whom we are and what we want to embrace and welcome in during the coming lunar cycle. It’s the PERFECT time for introspective relaxation to allow our mind and body to hamonise and receive, with gratitude, the guiding energy from the moon.

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon. Galileo Galilei”

If you’re looking for a deep, delicious and healing relaxation session, this is for you.

We look forward to be guiding and serenading you soon.

After the terrible tragic events in Sri Lanka, 50% of all profits for this event will be donated to charity. Our charity of choice is Kind Hearted Lankans as we believe compassion and solidarity can make a real difference when we stand together united against diversity. For more information, or to donate directly, you can visit their website

General Admission: $15

Time: 8pm - 9pm SYDNEY / 11am - Midday UK/IRE.

Where: Link and password will be provided in confirmation email once tickets have been purchased.

Here’s what our listeners are saying:

“That was an amazing experience. The music completely captured my busy mind and brought me to a very peaceful place"

“Absolutely loved, loved, loved this incredible musical retreat.”

“The tones and sounds are very peaceful and work amazingly well to get you into a great meditative state