Up, up and PLAY!

We're very excited to announce we have finally got our online store up and running and there are 19 music tracks now available for you to purchase and download. 

Each track has been carefully composed with an intended purpose in mind and all tracks have been categorised appropriately. Whether you're a new mum needing help to get your newborn baby to sleep, a corporate worker with a little too much stress in your life or a triathlete looking to enhance your performance, there are music tracks available to help you. 

When you purchase a music track, they will be available to download via a link. An email will be sent to you immediately after purchase, once payment has been processed. 

To ensure you get added benefit and use out of each track, we have bundled a binaural version (for headphones) and a monaural version (for speakers) for each. As a result, the download file size is quite large and you need to download your music using your laptop or desktop. From here you can open and play directly, or add to your preferred music player (iTunes, Google Play etc) and sync all your mobile devices so you can listen to our music on the go. 

Our music doesn't stop here - we have very exciting plans to enhance our range of music even further. To be kept informed of any updates, make sure you join our mailing list. 

Happy browsing and happy playing!