Event: Live Music & Mindfulness

Music & Mindfulness
  • Let your worries drift away
  • Rest and relax while listening to healing live music
  • Quieten your internal narrative (aka ‘monkey mind’)
  • Learn how to help your mind to reduce stress & anxiety

Join Soulful Soundwaves and Synergy Lab Sydney for a deeply relaxing and very unique meditative sound experience. Allow the powerful combination of live music and guided meditation to bring you to a calming and nurturing place of stillness.

What makes this session so special? 

We’re bringing a very unique sensory experience to Sydney.

Using a type of brain entrainment called binaural and monaural beats, Soulful Soundwaves composes music that deeply resonates with the mind and the body. Through the careful composition of frequencies, an enhanced tuning, and deeply relaxing melodies played by highly skilled musicians, Soulful Soundwaves will take you on a musical journey to mindfulness.

Combining the healing power of music with a guided meditation by Tomek Wyczesany PhD and founder of Synergy Lab Sydney, your mind is in very good hands. Tomek is a scientist and experienced facilitator and uses cognitive science and neurobiology to lay the foundation for this mindfulness practice. Tomek will guide you into a specific meditation to integrate all senses to help you achieve the state of mental and physical coherence, also know as flow.

No meditation experience is necessary.

Come join us:
WHEN: Saturday 24th of June at 11am
WHERE: Juanita Nielsen Community Centre. 31 Nicholson Street. Woolloomooloo. Sydney.
WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable warm clothes
WHAT TO BRING: A cushion and blanket for extra comfort (yoga mats provided)

We look forward to seeing you soon.