New track launch: Dragonfly

Light as a feather, fast as the wind. Throughout the centuries, they’ve been given numerous names, some of them quite intimidating.  They've been known as the "Mosquito Hawk”, because they prey on mosquitos as a hawk does with mice. “Water Dipper” in England as they swoop to catch their prey and gently touch the water and “Old Glassy’ in China.

The presence of this elegant, graceful yet swift insect is usually a sign of a nearby clear water source, as they prefer clean healthy water.

Despite its size, the dragonfly has been held in high regard by many cultures throughout the centuries.

Symbol of power and victory amongst the Samurai, we can find it in the ancient name of the Japanese archipelago. Akitzushima in fact means “the dragonfly isles”. Native Americans considered dragonflies a symbol of the souls of the departed, while myths and legends in many cultures place dragonflies as the perfect link between the human and fairy worlds.

Fascinating as they are, they have also inspired us and today we launch our next track -  a humble homage to such a meaningful and beautiful creature. 

This gentle track leads your mind to a small running creek where the tall grass meets the water. The colour of the grass is vibrant and the water dark and glassy. There's life. The sun is shining and dazzling on the water and, in the golden light, two dragonflies appear and play in the afternoon sun. 

The brain entrainment of this track is in the high Alpha range, 13Hz, and is best listened to for focussed relaxation, yoga and gentle physical exercise.

You can purchase and download Dragonfly today by clicking here.