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Tune your chakras

  • A Yoga Life 494 - 496 Hunter Street Newcastle, NSW, 2300 Australia (map)
Tune your chakras


Check out our special event at The Yoga Place in Blacksmiths on Saturday 27 January for more details. 


Do you need a special moment all to yourself to relax and let go of any tension that may have accumulated over the past year?

Are you interested in nurturing your mind and body but you don’t know how?

As the year draws to a close, it’s important to leave anything that doesn’t serve us behind as we continue on our journey into 2018.

It's time to release, retune, rebalance & restore.

Allow yourself to be guided and fully supported through this process of letting go in a blissful, enjoyable and nurturing session for your mind and body.

Be part of a very special collaboration between Soulful Soundwaves and Wild Child & Co in a 2-hour sensorial workshop dedicated to opening and cleansing all the chakras to restore the energy flow and the original balance of your body.

Enjoy a healing mix of recorded and live music purposely composed to entrain your mind and tune each of your energy centres, while your body is gently guided through slow and supporting yoga poses. This powerful workshop will leave your mind and body feeling deeply relaxed, balanced and connected.

Join us on Saturday 23rd December from 4-6pm at A Yoga Life for this transformational session to reach a state of great peacefulness in perfect harmony with mother earth.

This is an intimate event with only 12 tickets available.

Soulful Soundwaves is a company dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life and provide relief from major problems such as stress and anxiety through the use of music. Using an incredible blend of composed and live music incorporating binaural beats and a healing tuning to synchronize the brain into a particular brainwave state, Soulful Soundwaves create powerful sessions appealing to meditators as well as non-meditators. No active effort is required to reach a state of peacefulness – their music naturally takes you there.

Wild Child & Co Yoga is dedicated to sharing their journey of living naturally & living aligned to the seasons. Wild Child & CO believe in making conscious sustainable choices and specialise in helping people slow down, rest & live a little closer to nature. Wild Child & Co support you in returning home to your true raw natural uninhibited self.

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